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SMJ Constellation Collection


Our beautiful Star Crossed Necklaces make the absolute perfect gift to celebrate you and your amazing qualities. No matter what sign you are I am positive that you are amazing and have an inner girl boss in you ready to shine!

All the details:
- 16-18 inches
- gold plated
- beautiful little stone detail

Qualities that appear on the packaging just to shine a light on how amazing you are:
- An Aries is passionate, motivated, confident
- A Taurus is patient, devoted, reliable
- A Gemini is affectionate, adaptable and curious
- A Cancer is loyal, tenacious, imaginative
- A Leo is creative, cheerful, humorous
- A Virgo is kind, hardworking, loyal
- A Libra is graceful, social, charming
- A Scorpio is brave, determined, passionate
- A Sagittarius is adventurous, friendly, enthusiastic
- A Capricorn is disciplined, responsible, ambitious
- An Aquarius is original, independent, kind
- A Pisces is artistic, gentle, wise