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SA W Roll Up Jeans


These are the perfect denim for all you ladies who want a little distress but notí«ÌÎ_too much. Featuringí«ÌÎ_aí«ÌÎ_mid rise, a relaxedí«ÌÎ_leg silhouette and classic pocket cut.í«ÌÎ_Made in a medium wash cotton denimí«ÌÎ_with a front zipper, button closure, and minimalí«ÌÎ_distressingí«ÌÎ_at the knees,í«ÌÎ_and double rolled cuffed hem, making themí«ÌÎ_a staple pair of denim that every wardrobe needs!

  • Sizing Details:
    • Small: 1-5
    • Medium: 5-9
    • Large: 9-13